Today, more than ever, being a success in the meat processing industry depends on one thing – dedication. Whether it’s listening to our customers or providing the finest in premium meat products, Jadee Meats has experienced outstanding success by taking our dedication to a whole new level. At Jadee Meats, it’s a tradition we’ve stood by for more than fifty years.

Originally founded by Joseph Snajdman in 1957, Jadee Meats began as a small family butcher shop in London, Ontario, before branching out over the next decade with new locations across Hamilton, St. Thomas and the rest of Southern Ontario. By the late 70’s, Jadee Meats recognized the need to capitalize on the growth of the food service industry and constructed a new 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art meat processing plant in Beamsville, Ontario to handle this increase in demand. Since then the company has nearly doubled the size of its manufacturing facility, while continuing to implement the latest “state of the art” processing equipment.

In retrospect, this sharpening in focus has become one of the keys to our success. Over the years, Jadee Meats has developed an impressive distribution network in both the national and international food service markets including everything from food distributors, wholesalers, to hotel and restaurant chains and supermarkets.

As a family owned and operated company, Jadee Meats is built on a solid foundation of innovation and time-honoured tradition. But to the professional team at Jadee Meats, there’s nothing more important than the element of quality. From senior management to our customer support team, to our employees on the line; our staff have dedicated themselves to delivering the utmost quality in service and more importantly, in our fine meat products. As a Federal Inspected and H.A.C.C.P. accredited facility, we guarantee our products meet only the highest in federal inspection standards and food safety.

Through more than 55 years and three generations of the Snajdman family, our company has developed an exceptional track record for quality. It’s a firm reputation that has resulted in premium products delivered on time for our clients and made us a consistent leader in the meat processing industry.


We want to be the supplier of choice to the quality conscious marketplace for food service and deli meats in Canada.


We will achieve this vision with a premium product that’s unparalleled in the industry and service that will always remain second to none.