A Premium Bacon.
An Exceptional Taste and Performance.

When you want to start your breakfast off right, there’s nothing more delicious than the fine taste of premium smoked bacon. That’s the quality your customers can expect with every slice of Cherry Pink Bacon.

Cherry Pink Outperforms

Competitor’s Bacon

Bacon Comparison

Code Description Pack Size Slice Count
1308 Sliced Side Bacon 5 kg 16-18 sl/lb
1309 Rindless Side Bacon 4 per cs Whole
1313 Sliced Side Bacon 5 kg 12-14 sl/lb
1315 Sliced Side Bacon 5 kg 14-16 sl/lb
1316 Sliced Side Bacon 5 kg 18-22 sl/lb
1324 Retail Bacon 9 kg (24 X 375 g) N/A
1325 Retail Bacon 12 X 1 kg N/A
1328 Retail Bacon 12 kg (24 X 500 g) N/A
1335 Bacon Ends 5 kg N/A
1347 Fully Cooked Corn Meal Back Bacon 0 X 0 4.54 kg 10-12 sl/lb

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