A Premium Pepperoni.
An Exceptional Taste and Performance.

Cherry Pink Pepperoni is made from only the finest cuts of beef and pork with no chicken or mechanically de-boned meat products. Our cooked and dry cured pepperoni is available whole, sliced, diced or julienne.

It’s that premium Italian flavour and good old-fashioned taste your customers can expect from the experts at Jadee Meats – the first time and every time.

Code Description Pack Size Slice Count
1501 Pepperoni 2" Bulk 20 kg average N/A
1503 Pepperoni 2" Sliced 5 kg shingled layer pack 9-11 sl/oz
1504 Pepperoni 2" Sliced 6.8 kg bulk pack 9-11 sl/oz
1505 Pepperoni 3" Sliced 6.8 kg bulk pack 4-5 sl/oz
1511 Pepperoni 1" Whole 20 kg average N/A
1532 Pepperoni Diced 10 kg bulk N/A

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