Pizza Toppings

A Premium Pizza Topping.
An Exceptional Taste and Performance.

The premium taste and performance of Cherry Pink Pizza Toppings always brings out the best in your pizzas.

Our pizza toppings come whole, quartered, sliced, diced or julienne. At Jadee Meats, we never settle for second best.

We use only the finest pork, beef and spices available. Your customers can never go wrong with our products’ incredible quality, taste and performance.

Code Description Pack Size
1410 Beef Salami Sliced 6 X 908 g/pack – 5.45 kg
1411 All Beef Salami quartered 4 X 1 kg/bag – 4 kg
1450 Diced Italian Sausage 2 X 3.4 kg/bag – 6.8 kg
1452 Sliced Italian Sausage Bias Cut 2 X 2.5 kg/bag – 5 kg
1615 Diced Ham 2 X 2.5 kg/bag – 5 kg
1620 Diced Ham Loaf 5 X 2.27 kg/bag – 11.34 kg

If you are interested in having a product produced to your specifications, contact our experts.
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